New F. P. Dorchak Photography Site!

Welcome to my new site dedicated to some of the better images I’ve taken over the years!

I don’t really consider myself a “photographer”; taking pictures does not a photographer make. I am a writer…an author of speculative fiction…but I’ve also always loved taking pictures. Not unlike many of you, I like to capture certain and very specific moments. I will post the best images I have to offer, using my Nikon D3400 and sometimes an iPhone or other point-and-shoots, maybe even some old-school print images. My hopes are that you will all find something to enjoy here or even make you think. I want to present points of view through my own philosophical point of view. Hopefully, later this year (2019) I will also have these same image for sale…but if not, please enjoy what I have to offer.

All images are my own, my wife’s, or our family (as marked), and are therefore copyrighted. Please contact me before use at fpdorchak at fpdorchak dot com.